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The Problem with Blogs Is…… looking back over two years.

The problem with committing to writing a regular blog is that you need to have something noteworthy and relevant to say on a regular basis. It needs to be something that will speak and resonate with your audience and make them think about things a little differently. It needs to be valuable content that continues to place you as a knowledgeable person in your chosen field. It also needs to be consistent. You need to commit to showing up every day/week/month – depending on the frequency that you have committed to.

Otherwise it ends up being just a rambled bunch of words whenever the whim hits!

Over the last two years that I have been writing a monthly blog – this one being the latest edition! I have only missed my self-imposed monthly deadline a couple of times. The last missed deadline was November 2019 and that was because I was busy preparing, promoting and running a webinar series called “Busting the Three Menopause Myths” (available on replay by request) – in addition to a family trip abroad.

And that is the thing about real-life, commitments and the juggle, highlighted by the famous saying “Man plans and G-d laughs.”

Real life is REAL. It is not photo-shopped, not filtered, not taken a hundred times until you get the perfect smile, not a one-moment in time unrealistic image. It is messy, it is busy, it is juggling a million balls all at once, it is sometimes amazing and fun, and sometimes confusing, difficult and angry.

Over the last two years I have talked a lot about how to ensure that the juggle that is inevitable in real-life, DOES NOT become a struggle. The struggle is when real-life becomes overly stressful, tense, anxiety-ridden, feelings of being unable cope, and a sense of being out-of-control. I think there is often a misconception that we are trying to rid our lives of the JUGGLE without realizing that what we really want to eliminate are the feelings of STRUGGLE. And there are many ways to change that perspective and mind-set – and very practical ways to achieve it.

For me, yoga-based techniques and tools provide a holistic approach to achieving balance within the juggle. By creating a space that has the ability to create awareness,  strengthen understanding about what is going on in your body, and deepen the body-mind connection, Yoga for Women’s Health has the tools to change you both physically and emotionally.

Over the last two years I have also had to opportunity to write about a number of women’s health issues, from embracing your hormones, to connecting to your menopause journey, “Calming the Crazy” and dealing with real life challenges to name just a few. Each time I have tried to show how profound an impact regular yoga practice can have on your physical, emotional and mental health and help you navigate every stage of your life.

Today, with thanks to the ever increasing scientific research published, Yoga is being recognized as a legitimate way not only to create calm, balance, stability and flexibility BUT ALSO to profoundly impact your health and wellbeing, heal trauma, create emotional stability, relieve and cure chronic pain, and manage illness. This is something I have also tried to bring attention to in my blogs – the scientific evidence supporting Yoga practice as a legitimate part of your health-care approach, especially as part of therapeutic healing.

No longer is yoga only just for “those types of people”. The idea that has been propagated in the media – especially by social media – that you have to be a spandex-clad, vegan eating, thin yogini doing headstands on the beach or tree pose on a mountain top to practice yoga, is as false as the image itself. Yoga, and especially Yoga for Women’s Health is accessible and appropriate for all – regardless of age, stage of life, shape or physical ability. For me, Yoga for Women’s Health is about empowering you, where ever you are on your life journey, to understand and improve your own health and wellbeing, especially if you are experiencing health issues as a result of the “juggle=struggle” equation, or you are on your menopause journey and have no idea what is happening to you.

So as we come to the end of two years of blogs, I have decided to continue sharing my experiences and knowledge with you via other social media platforms, and stop my monthly blogs for the moment. I will continue to educate, empower and guide you to live real lives with a little bit more balance, understanding and connection. And now you won’t have to wait for a monthly blog! You can watch me regularly on Facebook Lives, webinars, follow me on Facebook and Instagram, subscribe to regular newsletters, and even on Youtube – where I hope to share ideas for short yoga practice to help you navigate, manage and treat real-life health issues you experience.

I hope that over the last two years I have opened you up to the benefits to be found within the world of Yoga and made it just a little bit more accessible to you. I look forward to you joining me in the next stage of my Yoga adventure!

Jacqueline xx

You can follow me on all social media platforms at “theyogaroom120”.


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