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In midlife things just feel much harder to navigate.

The brain fog, overwhelm, exhaustion, lack of motivation, aches and pains, insomnia, mood swings, irritability, hot flashes, bloating, weight gain..........

What used to work before is not working anymore!

You feel like your body is betraying you.
You are not getting the answers you need and feel frustrated and confused. 

There IS a way to navigate your menopause journey with ease, joy and confidence!

You need a personalised approach to navigating your midlife years so that you can feel like YOU again.

You CAN get the strategies to change your menopause experience.

You CAN manage and treat your menopause symptoms, however big or small.

You CAN create long term hormonal health, balance and resilence.

You CAN get the personalised support you need to start making practical changes that fit your lifestyle.

Ways to Work with Me

Talking over Coffee

1:1 Menopause Consultation

(incl. Blood Work Analysis)

Yellow Dress

OWN Your Menopause

8 Session Program

Group of Women

Menopause Sisterhood

12 Week Group Program

Every woman's menopause experience is unique and personal to her.
There is no one-size fits all program!

That's why I specifically designed my programs to meet your personal needs, adapted for your specific lifestyle and to support you to manage and relieve your symptoms and your menopause experience.

The focus with all my programs in to ensure that you fix your symptoms AND create long-term hormonal balance.
You receive a personalised Action Plan with strategies that are designed to meet you where you are on your journey and to enable you to to create hormonal balance and health!

Join me on a journey of self-discovery as you uncover the joys of your menopause journey, and step into the next stage of your life with authenticity, confidence, balance and new found awareness and understanding.
I have a number of ways I work with women - choose what works for you best!

Book a Free Discovery Call and learn how can create hormonal health and balance, relieving your symptoms and sustainable health and well-being.
Blood work
11 Menopause Consultation 2.0.png

1:1 Menopause Consultation

Take a take a deep dive into your menopause story, focusing on a SPECIFC issue that you are dealing with. Together we assess what is really going on in your body and apply practical strategies for creating hormonal balance using a functional medicine, holistic, yoga based approach.

This is a specific conversation about where you are now and your current menopause symptoms. 

  • I make sure that everything I recommend is realistic, practical and easy-to-implement for you and your lifestyle, so that you can implement and make the necessary small changes for BIG impact! 

  • You come away with a deeper understanding of what is going on in your body and tangible steps to start making changes to feel like you again. 

  • You will receive an Action Plan following our conversation.

  • In addition, within this package I provide a 7-day follow-up support for any questions and clarifications you need during this time. Many women find this super helpful as they start to implement the new strategies and need support to make it work for them.

Package includes:

One 1.5 Hour session

Action Plan

7 Day Follow up

Price Starts from: $225

Blood Test

Understanding you Blood Work

Let me help you prepare for and understand your blood work, and figure out what's really going on with you! (Especially when your doctor says "everything is fine" but you don't feel fine!)

The first step for understanding what is going on in your body is to have comprehensive blood work done. Your doctor may only want to run some basic blood tests so you need to know what to ask him for.

Once your blood work comes back your doctor may say "Everything looks normal".

But you don't feel normal and your symptoms still persist.

Don't  worry!

Together we will make sense of what is really going on.


I don't only look at the normal range for blood work, but what is optimal for you!

I look at a wide range of markers, and using your symptoms TOGETHER with your blood work, I will explain what is really going on in your body and prepare a full Blood Work Analysis report.

This is the first step to figuring out your personalised approach to supporting your hormones, health and wellbeing so that you begin to feel like YOU again.

Package includes two sessions:

Prep for Doctor's appointment (including checklist and what to ask for)

Blood work/Labs analysis + Action Steps.

Price Starts from: $275

VIP 12 week program.png

OWN Your Menopause!

Customised Program for High- Achieving, Professional Women.

Personalised 8 Session program to meet you where you are on your menopause journey.

Get empowered to take control of your menopause experience, learn how to create long term hormonal balance and get back to feeling like YOU again.

This is a deep dive into menopause experience, your symptoms, your hormones and gives you practical and easy-to-implement tools and strategies to make the changes you need to manage, treat and prevent current AND future symptoms. In addition you receive the accountability and support for long term implementation and for creating sustainable hormonal health and balance.

Each session is personalized, designed to meet you where you are on your menopause journey and to create long-term hormonal resilience for symptoms relief and management.

  • The First Step is a 2 hour Menopause Health Assessment. We explore areas of your health and wellbeing and identify the 5 pillars of hormonal imbalance. symptoms, hormones, stress, sleep, nutrition, movement, work-life balance. 

  • We then create your personalised Action Plan, based on your specific situation and lifestyle.  I make sure that everything I recommend is realistic and practical for you and your lifestyle, so that you can implement and make the necessary small changes for BIG impact! 

  • Following the Assessment we have 7 follow-up sessions. Each session is 1 hour and includes menopause coaching based on my 5 Pillar Approach, support and accountability for implementing the strategies for creating hormonal balance, yoga practice, discussion of what is working and not working, what needs to be changed or tweaked. 

  • Topic covered - 5 Pillar Approach for identifying hormonal imbalance and what needs to be addressed for your personal situation, creating a sustainable plan with practical strategies that you can implement going forward and specific yoga practice based on your specific symptoms. 

  • This program provides in-depth support, accountability, implementation and goes deeper into the strategies for creating hormonal balance. You also will receive support between sessions if and when needed.

Program includes:

*Menopause Health Assessment with personalised Action Plan (2hour session).

* Seven 1 hour Menopause Coaching sessions assesing your hormonal health triggers and strategies for creating hormonal balance, implementation and accountability. Includes yoga practice for support.

*Personalised tools and strategies to guide you to manage, treat and relieve your menopause symptoms.

Price Starts from: $1,250

Your Empowered Menopause group program.png

Menopause Sisterhood - Group Program

A 12 week group program with a sisterhood of women who are going through the same midlife challenges. Every woman experiences menopause and this is NOT something that we need to go through alone.

Get practical support, accountability, coaching and all the tools and strategies you need to change your menopause experience from one of confusion, pain and suffering to one of empowerment, wisdom and joy!

Each week we will explore a different topic related to menopause, women's midlife health, treating symptoms, and strategies for creating hormonal balance,using a functional medicine, holistic and yoga-based approach.

Program includes:

  • 12 Weekly live group sessions

  • Weekly emails with content for that week’s topic

  • Plus full video library for weekly yoga sessions

  • Workbook to keep track of your journey, mapping your symptoms and strategies that are working for you.

  • Bonus 1:1 monthly sessions for VIP members.

Price Starts from: $1,800

own your menopause
1:1 consult
Group Program

What my Clients say...

"I just wanted to thank you again for our session and all the good it has brought (back) to me. I will be recommending you to women in my age group, as I really find your work fabulous. I'm feeling so much better."

"As I move towards menopause it started to become clear to me that I needed to find someone to talk to who can help me approach this time in my life with confidence and knowledge. I came away from our sessions feeling self assured and in a far more  positive frame of mind.  You have a huge amount of knowledge and so much positive energy that you cannot help but come away feeling well equipped and enthused."

"I am excited to share that the magnesium is having a huge impact. The last three nights I've been sleeping much, much better! None of the crazy tossing and turning I'd been experiencing and certainly none of just remaining awake for hours on end. It's so much better that I'm deliberating whether I need to schedule that Doctor's appointment at all."

"I wanted to tell you that the past 2 nights of deep breathing through night sweats have been transformative! I have been managing my hot flush with strong exhales. Your reassuring me that I am doing all I can, and accepting that I have the tools to manage it and it doesn't control me, have been transformative."

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