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Welcome to

Your personalised 3 Month program to heal your hormones and fix your symptoms so that you can feel amazing again!
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You are not mad, you are not going crazy and you are not dying.
You are just in peri-menopause!

If you are here that means you have finally had enough!

Enough of feeling out of balance!
Enough of not being able to show up for work the way you used to.

Enough of have no patience for your family, mood swings and feeling irritable all the time.

Enough of the weight gain, of not sleeping properly, of the brain fog.
Enough of worrying that you have early on-set dementia, or arthritis, or that you are dying.
Enough of having no energy or motivation, of the aches and pains and stiff joints.
Enough of suffering and living disconnected from your body, from the YOU that you used to be.

You just want to feel like YOU again.

You want clarity, strategies, support.

If you are thinking or feeling any of these things you are NOT alone.

If you want to feel like YOU again,
you need the right support to get the strategies that are going to make you feel better and stop the menopause symptoms!

As a Menopause Educator and Coach and Hormonal Health specialist I support women to fix their symptoms AND create hormonal health and balance!

OWN Your Menopause!

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I have been there too and I have supported many women exactly like you, to get control of their menopause symptoms, get back in control of their health and life, and create hormonal health and balance!

I know that during peri-menopause and menopause life just feels much harder to navigate.

You feel like your body is betraying you!

You have worked hard to get to where you are professionally, but now you can't focus or fulfil tasks, you are more irritable and have less patience.

You feel out of balance, your body is changing and you find it difficult to express exactly what has changed.

And what used to work before for you to feel better is not working anymore!

But your menopause journey DOES NOT need to be a time of confusion, struggle and suffering, or feeling out of control and disconnected.

​Do you wish you could feel different?

Do you wish that you could get control of your symptoms?

  • fatigue,

  • lack of focus and concentration,

  • brain fog,

  • heart palpiations

  • weight gain,

  • hot flashes,

  • irritability,

  • mood swings,

  • increased anxiety or depression

  • insomnia

  • dry and itchy skin

  • joint pain

  • vaginal dryness

  • bloating

  • low libido

  • digestive issues

  • increased migraines

But you just don't know where to start or how to achieve this?

Let me share with you the biggest Midlife Secret.......

Menopause is an opportunity for you to STOP and decide what YOU want.

For you to get empowered and take control of your life and your future!

It is an opportunity to get proactive about your own health and wellbeing!

Professional Woman Smiling

So let me ask you:

  • Are you a high-powered, professional women in a position of leadership or responsibility but you are not showing up for your work the way you used to?

  • Does everything feel harder, you feel stressed, out, overwhelmed, with nothing left to give to your family at the end of the day?

  • Have you begun to notice changes in your body or are experiencing menopause symptoms?

  • Are you feeling frustrated and confused by what you are experiencing but don't know who can help you, where to go and even how to explain what you are feeling?

But now you are ready:

  • To get empowered and take control to feel better!

  • To get proactive about your own health and implement things that are going to work for you so that you can get back to feeling great again!

  • To make the changes necessary so that navigate these years with ease, joy and confidence!

If you answer YES to any of these, then you are in the right place!

You don't need to do this menopause thing alone!

There is a way to navigate your menopause journey differently!

To NOT feel confused and frustrated.

To get the answers you need.

To get control of your symptoms.

To show up and function in your daily life with energy, motivation and confidence and embrace this stage of life!

To achieve all the things that you want in your personal and professional life with renewed energy, perspective and tools to support and nourish yourself.

Complete Menopause Assessment Woman.png

You can feel like YOU again!

More and more women are realizing that a whole new life awaits them

in post-menopause with new wisdom, new insights, new understand and a new perspective.


And the journey to achieve this DOES NOT need to be through suffering and pain.

​Are you ready to take control of your menopause symptoms?

Are you ready for the personalised support?

Are you ready for easy-to-implement strategies that will transform the way you feel?

Are you ready to feel amazing?

Then you are in the right place!

What is OWN Your Menopause?

Menopause Health Assessment

A deep dive into your hormones, menopause symptoms and overall health and wellbeing.

This assessment give you the lnaguage and information to understand what is going on in your body at this stage of life.

Coaching Sessions

Using my 5 Pillar Approach for Hormonal Health and my Protocol for restoring hormonal balance, we identify the triggers for your symptoms and start to make small changes for BIG impact. 

The focus is on creating long-term hormonal health and balance.

Personalised Action

Together we create your personalised recommendations and action plan.

I support you implement changes that are going to make you feel amazing, making tweaks and adjustments where necessary.

Everything is practical, easy-to-implement and personalised to your situation and lifestyle.

Blood Work Assessment

Your doctor says everything is normal, but you don't feel normal!

I assess your blood work from a functional perspective, looking at optimal ranges, patters and key health markers that can explain your symptoms.

Why is this program so unique?

Every woman's menopause experience is unique and personal to her.

This program is personalised to meet you where you are on your menopause journey, adapted for your specific lifestyle, your needs and your menopause symptoms. 

This is no one-size fits all program!

​And through it all, you get my support and guidance.

You are not left to figure it out alone!

Together, we see how you respond to the strategies in your personalised Action Plan, and make changes if and when necessary. ​

My aim is to give you all the support and tools you need to put practical and easy-to-implement strategies in place to help you manage your menopause symptoms and feel like YOU again.

What to Expect from the Program

Start the journey to becoming symptom-free!

All Sessions are 60 minutes unless stated otherwise.

Session 1

Menopause Health Assessment

90 mins 

Session 2

Identify the triggers for your hormonal Imbalance - Pillar 1

Session 3

Identify the triggers for your hormonal Imbalance - Pillar 2

Session 4

Identify the triggers for your hormonal Imbalance - Pillar 3

Session 5

Identify the triggers for your hormonal Imbalance - Pillar 4

Session 6

Identify the triggers for your hormonal Imbalance - Pillar 5

Session 7

Replacement Strategies, Tracking and Journalling

Session 8

Supporting your body 

Looking at other key systems

Session 9

Other inflammatory triggers

Session 10

Heal and Restore

Session 11

Strategy Implementation

and Assessment 

Session 12

Building for Sustainable Hormonal Health and Post-Menopause


Functional Blood Work Assessment Report

Continual Accountability and Support

I am available to you via what'sapp and email throughout the program.

What my Clients say...

"I just wanted to thank you again for our session and all the good it has brought (back) to me. I will be recommending you to women in my age group, as I really find your work fabulous. I'm feeling so much better."

"As I move towards menopause it started to become clear to me that I needed to find someone to talk to who can help me approach this time in my life with confidence and knowledge. I came away from our sessions feeling self assured and in a far more  positive frame of mind.  You have a huge amount of knowledge and so much positive energy that you cannot help but come away feeling well equipped and enthused."

"I am excited to share that the magnesium is having a huge impact. The last three nights I've been sleeping much, much better! None of the crazy tossing and turning I'd been experiencing and certainly none of just remaining awake for hours on end. It's so much better that I'm deliberating whether I need to schedule that Doctor's appointment at all."

"I wanted to tell you that the past 2 nights of deep breathing through night sweats have been transformative! I have been managing my hot flush with strong exhales. Your reassuring me that I am doing all I can, and accepting that I have the tools to manage it and it doesn't control me, have been transformative."

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Let's Get Started!

  • Menopause Health Assessment 

  • 3 months Menopause Coaching Sessions 

  • Personalised Action Plan based on my Integrative Protocol

  • Breath Work, Supplement Plan and practical strategies

  • Unlimited access to Yoga video library

  • Accountability, Support, Actionable Strategies and Practical Tools designed just for you! 

  • PLUS BONUS Blood Work Functional Assessment

Take the first step to OWN Your Menopause!

Schedule your free chat here and get started!


4,500NIS / $1,950

Split your Payment!
1,500 NIS / $650
** no extra charge for split payments!**


Take the first step to

Scheduling a chat with me today! 


I'm Jacqueline.
Menopause Educator and Coach, Hormonal Health Specialist and passionate 
Women's Health Advocate.
I can't wait to support you as you navigate your menopause journey with ease, joy and  confidence and get back to feeling like YOU!


I want to get started!!

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To get more information about how to navigate your menopause journey with ease and confidence, check out my Facebook page and The Menopause Sisterhood.

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