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Purchase one of my Menopause Bundles and start to reclaim your life, manage your symptoms and get control of your body.

HRT Awareness Bundle

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Does HRT cause cancer?
Why would I choose to use HRT?

My Doctor won't talk to me about HRT

Are there different types of HRT?

Get answers to these and other questions in this deep dive HRT Masterclass where we discuss all aspects of HRT, plus some extra bonus material!

Price $49

Get your bundle here!

Menopause Summit Selected Sessions Bundle

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The Menopause Summit brings together experts from around the world in the areas of Menopause, Women's Health, Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Hormonal Health and Lifestyle.

I have choosen 8 of the most watched sessions for you to watch, learn and enjoy. 

The Sessions are:

Price $79

Get your bundle here!

Bust the Menopause Confusion Bundle

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Coming Soon.

Get your bundle here!

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