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Fast Track Your Menopause Transformation

with a day dedicated to You!

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If you have been suffering for ages (maybe even years) with your menopause symptoms, I know that you have been trying to find the answers to feel better.

I know that you are probably frustrated and maybe even angry that you are not getting reliable and clear information from your traditional sources and when you go into the Menopause Support groups on social media you get 183 comments with each woman recommending her Top Tip.

I know that you have probably been to see your doctor, your OBGYN, a private specialist (or two or three), done all the tests and so much more.

But at best they just confirmed that you are going through menopause and don't really recommend anything for managing your symptoms.

At worst they don't even mention peri-menopause and you are left feeling totally unheard and even more frustrated. 

I know that you don't want to wait any longer to feel amazing.

Introducing the VIP Day Experience to Fast Track Your Menopause Transformation.

This day is dedicated to you, your needs, your personal situation and aims to give you a practical and easy to implement step-by-step action plan so that you can kick your symptoms to the curb and feel amazing in your body.

Imaging having total clarity, a step-by-step personalised action plan and the confidence to implement it -


Who This is For:

This exclusive VIP Day is designed for women who

  • Are eager to accelerate their menopause transformation without the long-term commitment of a traditional program.

  • Seek immediate relief and are ready to implement practical, focused solutions today.

  • Have tried various methods without success and feel unsupported by conventional medical avenues.

What's included in the VIP Day Experience:

Join me for a dedicated 5.5-hour session (including a break) that prioritizes you, your body and your journey towards long-term health and wellness.

This personalized experience includes:

  • Personalised Action Plan with Practical Solutions, tailored specifically to treat your symptoms, support your body’s unique needs and meet you where you are on your menopause journey.

  • Functional Blood Work Analysis, using your current blood work to inform your personalized plan.

  • Comprehensive Resource Pack, including workbook, nutritional guidelines and a customized menu planner.

  • Ongoing Support. You will benefit from two 30-minute follow-up meetings within the next four weeks, ensuring you stay on track. Plus you get a month's whatsapp access to me for any questions you have.


What You Will Achieve by the end of your VIP Day Experience?

💗 Total clarity on what is going on in your body and why. You will understand the role your hormones play in your symptoms and how to heal your symptoms by supporting your hormonal health and balance.


💗 The time and space to get answers to all your questions and what are the best treatment options for you, including if HRT is appropriate for you, is contraception still necessary, what supplements you should take, if random changes are actually related to your peri-menopause or menopause and more! 

💗 A personalised action plan with easy to implement strategies, meeting you where you are on your menopause journey and taking into account your personal lifestyle and health situation.

💗 The confidence to make the simple changes you need to implement because you now know exactly what to do - without the guess work, confusion or trial and error! 


This VIP Day Experience is designed and dedicated especially for

you and your specific needs.

Regular Price: $1,800



**If you are located in Israel please be in touch for the NIS price.


Hi, I'm Jacqueline.

As an experienced Menopause Educator and Coach,

my focus is to support you to heal your hormones,

fix your symptoms and get you to feel amazing in midlife and beyond!

I created the VIP Day Experience - Fast Track your Menopause Transformation after seeing the fantastic results of women on my 3 month program.

However, I realised that for some women their busy schedules, kids and work responsibilities and a long list of other commitments meant that they needed something more focused to get immediate control of their symptoms without delay and without the long-term commitment!

I can't wait to support you on your menopause journey and to feeling amazing in mid-life and beyond!

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