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Here you will find a complete list of all my up-coming workshops.
To register or to invite me to speak at your event, please email me at:
Subject line: *Name of Workshop*

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The HRT Masterclass

HRT .png

When: Monday 10th July, 2023

Where: Online

Time: 8:00pm IST


Menopause Informed Therapy - Workshop for Therapists

Path Center Workshop.png

When: Sunday 28th November, 2022

Where: Online

Time: 8:00pm


Five things your mother never told you about Menopause

peri-menopause workshop Gush.png

When: Tuesday 18th January, 2022

Where: Alon Shvut

Time: 8:00pm


Your Changing Body

fitness with karen.jpg

When: Monday 24th January, 2022

Where: Modiin

Time: 8:30am


Yoga for fertility, pregnancy and birth and the LGBT+ community

yoga, fertility, LGBTQ.png

When: Tuesday 25th January 2022

Where: Online (zoom)

Time: 6:00pm GMT


Busting the Menopause Myths

womena workshop.jpeg

When: Friday 28th January, 2022

Where: Womena Center, Zichron Yaakov

Time: 9:00am GMT


Sitting in Women's Circle

women's circle.jpg

When: Monday 7th February, 2022

Where: online

Time: 12:00pm

Register: Yoga Teachers Forum

Five things your mother never told you about Menopause

peri-menopause workshop- ra'anana.png

When: Tuesday 15th February, 2022

Where: Ra'anana

Time: 8:00pm


Women's Health and Hormones Workshop


Understanding women's health workshop series LIVE.png

When: Sunday 20th February 2022

Where: on-line, Yoga Teachers Forum

Time: 12:30pm GMT


Contraceptive Use During Peri-menopause

contraceptive live .png

When: Tuesday 22nd February, 2022

Where: The Menopause Sisterhood Facebook group

Time: 10:30am GMT| 12:30pm IST

Register: Menopause Sisterhood

Understanding Women's Health and Hormones

4-Part online workshop

Online Understanding workshop series fb post _edited.jpg

When: March, 2022

Where: on-line, Yoga Teachers Forum

Time: released every Sunday during March

Register: Yoga Teachers Forum

Be the FIRST to hear about our workshops, webinars and Masterclass events !

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