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Welcome To

Five Days of Feeling Fantastic

Yoga-based Solutions for Navigating your

Menopause Journey and Managing your Symptoms 

What is Five Days of Feeling Fantastic and how do I know if it's for me?

Well, do you answer YES to any of these questions?

* Are you aged between 40-55?

* Do you regularly feel tired, low energy and sluggish.

* You just don't feel like yourself and you want to understand what is happening in your body so you can get back to being YOU.

* You are experiencing stiff joints/ back or shoulder and neck aches and pains/ pain when you stand up from sitting.

* You are suffering from foggy brain, forgetfulness and general lack of clarity.

* Fluctuating and inconsistent periods - in frequency and quality.

If any of this resonates with you, then you want to take 5 mins out of your day for ONLY 5 days to improve these and other health issues, so that you can enjoy your menopause journey!







Just follow me in my Facebook group and catch the videos each day - FOR FIVE DAYS!

PLUS when you sign up you will ALSO GET the workbook which will give you lots of EXTRA information and let you keep practicing the yoga poses even after the program finishes!

Can't wait to start a healthy and empowered New Year with you!

This is a unique 5 day program that gives you the opportunity

               ** to create awareness of what is going on in your body,

               ** deepen your understanding of how your body works

               ** strengthen your body-mind connection to become empowered


to improve your own health and well-being during your menopause journey!

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