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Proud to be a Hormonal Woman!

Everything that happens to a woman throughout her life is a function of her hormones - her hormonal health, balance or imbalance.
Many of our women's health issues are directly related to hormonal imbalance or hormonal fluctuations. 
However many of us don't even understand the natural hormonal changes that occur at different stages of our life and what they mean for our phyiscal, emotional and mental health.
In addition there is now more and more evidence to show how stress, what we eat, the quality and quantity of our sleep and our lifestyle directly affect our hormone health and wellbeing.
I believe that understanding our hormonal health and creating hormone balance is the corner stone for improving our overall health and wellbeing, especially during our menopause years.

I am passionate about supporting women to improve
their hormonal balance and health as a key strategy to impove their menopause experience. 

What are our hormones and why are they so important?

Our body has about 50 hormones (the Endocrine System) that are chemical messengers. They are produced by specific organs or glands and travel throughout our body in the blood stream sending messages to other organs and triggering actions, reactions and responses.


Our hormones regulate our body, keeping it working in a balanced and healthy way by controlling a number of super important functions such as metabolism, reproduction, growth, mood, digestion and sexual health to name a few.

Our hormones all work together in a very complex yet delicate balance within the endocrine system.

Many of us may have heard of some of our hormones but may not really be sure what they do and why they are so critical to our health and wellbeing.

In fact most of us only start paying attention to our hormones, hormonal health and hormonal balance when things start to GO WRONG in our bodies. This can happen if, for example, you are experiencing unexplained weight gain, fatigue and exhaustion or irregular periods.

Women especially start to pay attention to their hormones as we enter peri-menopause and menopause. We start to feel the effects of the natural changing hormonal cycles at this time of life by the physical, emotional and cognitive changes happening in our body. 

Menopause symptoms are the way our body tells us that are hormones are busy at work, however often the symptoms are signs that our hormones are working over-time, are out of balance or that we are hormonally depleted.

When women work with me they get clarity on their hormonal life-cycle (the way their hormones change at different stages of their life), learn practical ways to support their hormonal health, and individualised support to implement strategies for hormonal balance. 

"Through my Menopause Education and Coaching services, including analysis of your blood work and supporting you to implement my protocol for creating hormonal balance,
you can relieve your symptoms and change the way you feel in your body."

For more information and to get started email me:

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