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Welcome to the
Embrace Menopause Group Program

Heal your Hormones, Fix your Symptoms, Feel Amazing.

A personalised approach to healing in menopause and beyond,

 in a group setting.

"I feel so out of balance, I just want to feel like ME again."
"I am exhausted the whole time, I have no energy and I know that drinking coffee to help me get through the day is not a long term solution."

"I am just not able to show up for my work the way I used to. I can't focus, I forget things during meetings, and my brain fog is stopping me from performing at the level I am used to."
"I have no energy, patience or motivation to do the things I used to do. Everything just feels so much harder now. What's happening to me?"

"I get frustrated with my family and I am so irritable all the time. I'll shout or cry at the drop of a hat."
"I don't want to suffer like this anymore. I just want to feel like ME again."

If you are thinking or feeling any of these things you are NOT alone.

You are not going crazy!
You do not ha
ve early on-set dementia!
And you are not sick or dying.

You are just going through Menopause!

And you are in the perfect place to get empowered, take control of your symptoms and feel amazing!

During peri-menopause and menopause, life just feels much harder to navigate.

You feel like your body is betraying you!

You don't recognise yourself and you can't figure out what's going on.

You have worked hard to get to where you are professionally, but now you can't focus or fulfil tasks, you are more irritable and have less patience.

Everything just feels so much harder!

It takes you more energy to do the same thing..... and you are exhausted all the time!

You feel out of balance, your body is changing and you find it difficult to express exactly what has changed.

And what used to work before for you to feel better, is not working anymore!

You are worried that you will never feel like YOU again!

​Do you wish that you could get control of your symptoms?

  • fatigue,

  • lack of focus,

  • brain fog,

  • weight gain,

  • hot flashes,

  • irritability,

  • mood swings,

  • insomnia

  • dry and itchy skin

  • joint pain

  • vaginal dryness


But you just don't know where to start or how to achieve this?

Let me share with you the biggest Midlife Secret.......

Menopause  DOES NOT need to be a time of confusion, struggle and suffering, or feeling out of control and disconnected!!

Menopause IS AN OPPORTUNITY for you to STOP and decide what

YOU want.


For you to get empowered and take control of your life and your future!


It is an opportunity to get proactive about your own health and wellbeing!

You don't need to do this menopause thing alone!

There is a way to navigate your menopause journey differently!

To NOT feel confused and frustrated.

To get the answers you need and able to show up and

function in your daily life with energy, motivation and confidence and embrace this stage of life!

To achieve all the things that you want in your personal

and professional life with renewed energy, perspective

and tools to support and nourish yourself.


You can feel like YOU again!


Hi, I'm Jacqueline

I am excited to invite you to join me at the Embrace Menopause Group Program where together we will learn how to heal your hormones, fix your peri-menopause and menopause symptoms and feel amazing!

This group program is different to many programs out there because it is intentionally SMALL - so that you can get perosnalised support whilst benefiting from being in a program with other women who are going through exactly what you're going through.

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More and more women are realizing that a whole new life awaits them in post-menopause with new wisdom, new insights, new understand and a new perspective - and the journey to achieve this DOES NOT need to be through suffering and pain.

However, to get there you have to first traverse the peri-menopause and menopause years with more awareness, understanding and connection.

And you can learn the strategies to do this, to get empowered and take control of your menopause experience and set yourself up for a fabulous post-menopause life.


​Are you ready to start making changes, get control of your menopause symptoms and get personalised support according to your own needs and designed to get the results you want?

What is The Embrace Menopause Group Program?

Every woman's menopause experience is unique and personal to her.

A one-size fits all program is not going to help you address your specific symptoms, lifestyle or health story.

This 4 month group program is personalised to meet you where you are on your menopause journey, adapted for your specific needs, your menopause symptoms, your hormonal situation - all in a group setting! 


So many women feel alone and isolated during their peri-menopause and menopause years. 

Confusion, struggle, shame and embarrassment around your changing body and your symptoms.

No one is talking about what to expect or how to navigate it.

And often you are not getting the answers you need from family, friends, and especially your health care professionals. 

I believe in the power of SISTERHOOD - of women coming together in a safe space to share, support, learn and become empowered to make change together! 

That's why this group program is so powerful as a way to change the way you understand and experience your menopause journey!

My approach draws from my years of experience in the yoga and women's health space. I bring an integrative, functional approach to my work, making things as easy and simple for you as possible.

​And through it all, you get my support and guidance. You are not left to figure it out alone!

How Does it Work?

The Embrace Menopause group program is based on THREE essential principles.


Personalised approach that meets you where you are.

5 Step integrative, lifestyle protocol for healing your hormones

and fixing your symptoms. 

The Power of Sisterhood!

I have developed this program after working with many peri-menopausal and menopausal women over the last few years, together with my trainings in Yoga for Women's Health, Menopause Studies, Hormonal Health Studies, Functional Blood Work Analysis and Functional Nutrition.

5 Step Protocol to
Healing Your Hormones and Fixing your Symptoms

Stressed Woman

Identify the Triggers

Meditating on the Beach

Remove and Replace
the Triggers

Super Health Food

Repair and Heal
Key Systems

Rocks of Balance

Replenish and Support your Body

smiling lady3 .png

Rebuild for
Long-term Health

Step 1:

Identify the Triggers

Identify the triggers of your hormonal imbalance, your symptoms and why you are not feeling like you used to!

I use my 5 Pillar for Hormonal Health for this - looking at the 5 key triggers for hormonal imbalance: Stress;  Nutrition and Gut Health;  Sleep;  Movement;  Self Care

Each of these triggers will play a role in your hormonal imbalance - but the extent to which each one is impacting you will be specific to you!

PLUS Functional Blood Work Analysis can help us see what else is going on in your body and what is lying beneath the surface of your symptoms. 

Step 2:

Remove and Replace the Triggers

Removing and replacing the triggers of your hormonal imbalance and symptoms, allows us to start rebuilding your hormonal health system.

With a lot of accountability and support from me and the group, we start to make small changes to remove the key triggers that are causing your imbalance and symptoms.

We look at what current practices need to be removed and focus on introducing small steps for replacing with supportive strategies.

Step 3:

Repair and Heal your Key Systems

Addressing hormones, blood work and trigger may not be enough. 

We need to also look at what is going on with key systems in your body that could be impacting your hormonal health, your symptoms and your overall wellness.


We look to repair and heal any dysfunction with the adrenals, thyroid, liver and blood sugar/insulin response and reduce any inflammatory responses.

We look at appropriate supplementation, easy ways to boost any nutrient deficiencies in the body, proven strategies to improve and optimise functioning of the key body systems, all the while focusing on how you are feeling and reducing your symptoms!

Step 4:

Replenish and Support you Body

We bring all the elements together now, building a personalised plan for you with a focus on a range of supportive practices and easy-to-implement strategies that replenish and support your body, your hormones and your key body systems.

With my guidance we see what works for you and when necessary make changes so that you are always in control of your health journey and improving your symptoms.

Step 5:

Rebuilding for long-term, sustainable Health and Wellbeing 

The problem with most programs is STICKING TO THEM!

The difference with this program is that everything is adapted specifically for where you are on your journey, your needs and your lifestyle.

And because we are always tweaking along the way, you end up with strategies that are perfect for your long-term health and wellbeing.

You are now set up for long-term hormonal health and resilience,, so that even if new symptoms occur or you feel your hormones are out of wack because you have had a particularly stressful week, you'll know exactly what to do to bring yourself back into balance!

You are now ready for a fabulous post-menopause!

Embrace Menopause
Group Program Details

4 month Program with weekly in-person sessions (zoom) 

Sessions cover:

  • Understanding my hormones

  • Understanding my symptoms

  • 5 Fundamental Pillars for Hormonal Balance

  • 5 Step Protocol for Healing Hormones and Treating your Symptoms

  • Practical Strategies - small changes for BIG impact

  • Supplements and supporting your key body systems

Workbook, Tracker and Journaling Handouts including:

  • Personalised Tracker 

  • Nutritional Guidelines for Menopause Workbook

  • Menopause Meal Planner

  • Supplement Guide

  • Hormone Guide

Small group (places limited) for individual attention and support, but with all the benefits of working with other women who are going through the same things are you!

WhatsApp group specifically for the group to ask questions, group support, share wins and get real-time answers and guidance from me.


Functional Blood Work Assessment to understand what is going on in your blood work, even when your doctor says "everything looks normal."

What's Next?

If you are ready to get proactive and invest in your health, to start taking control of your changing body, to become symptom FREE, create long-term hormonal health and feel amazing, then the Embrace Menopause Group Program is perfect for you!

DISCLAIMER: Because this program is specifically designed for a small group of women who are sharing their menopause journey together, I want to make sure that you are a perfect fit for this program.

Schedule your Discovery Call with me today so that we can get you enrolled in the program without delay!

**Check Discount Price Below

 The Embrace Menopause Group Program


(paid in 1 Installment)


**You can also split the price to 4 monthly payments.

Details when you schedule your Discovery Call!

  If you are paying in Israeli Shekel please contact me for the price .


For more details and to join the Program

schedule your Discovery Call NOW! 


(ends 28th December 2023)



I'm looking forward to us working together and for you to experience your menopause differently!

Once you feel the difference you can then begin to embrace your menopause journey with ease, joy and confidence!


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